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Jockey Wheels & Prop Stands

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  1. £8.00

      Easy-fit Jockey Wheel fixing kit Allows jockey wheel clamps to be fitted without drilling the drawbar Clamp suitable for 50mm and 60mm drawbars   Learn More
  2. £5.00

      Pressed steel 42mm Clamp   Learn More
  3. £35.00

      48mm Diameter tube 260mm Steel wheel  Pneumatic tyre Max nose weight guide 200kg Idea for caravans No clamp  Suitable for use with a 48mm clamp   Learn More
  4. £13.00

      48mm diameter prop stand 600mm long   Learn More
  5. £13.00

      48mm diameter prop stand 700mm long With handle   Learn More
  6. £12.50

      Suitable for all Maypole clamp Heavy duty rotating clamp bracket Allows trailers prop stands amd jockey wheels to be secured parallel to the ground when not in use Max load load capacity 500kg   Learn More
  7. £2.50

    Spare pin and chain for MP8129. Learn More
  8. £14.00

      Suitable for MP9745/MP9744/MP9714/MP9716 48mm ribbed clamp   Learn More
  9. £12.00

    200mm steel wheel with soild rubber tyre suitable for MP9741 and MP9743 Learn More
  10. £14.00

      Suitable for MP9744/MP9745/MP9714/MP9716 42mm clamp   Learn More

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