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Thule Roof Bars

Are you looking for a strong, secure roof rack for your car or van?

North West Towbar Centre offers a wide selection of Thule roof bars, Thule foot packs, fitting kits and accessories to help you secure almost any load to your vehicle. Whether you are carrying bikes or kayaks for leisure or heavy duty ladders for work, there will be a Thule system for you.

Here are the answers to some of the common questions people ask about Thule roof bars, Thule roof accessories and roof racks in general.

What type of Thule roof bar do I need?

There are hundreds of different types of roof bar and roof mounting system available through our website so rather than scrolling through pages of options, we strongly recommend you contact North West Towbar Centre directly with details of your vehicle's make and model. We can then confirm which system fits your car or van and whether we have the products in stock.

Thule roof bars come in several different lengths and the longer ones are reinforced to cope with heavier loads. The standard (2mm) slotted Thule roof bars range in length from 108cm to 150cm while the reinforced (3mm) bars are between 163cm and 220cm in length.

What are Thule roof bars made from?

The construction of your Thule roof bars will depend on the type you purchase. For example, the standard square Thule roof bar is made from steel coated in plastic whereas the low noise, reduced drag Wing Bar has an aluminium interior.

Thule roof bars are known for their smart design features which maximise strength, improve aerodynamics and make it easier to mount and install accessories.

What is a Thule foot pack?

A Thule foot pack is a set of clamps which secure the roof bars to the roof rails or fixing points of your car or van. Some come with rubber-coated steel straps and integrated, rotating handles to pull the straps taut and secure the roof bars in place.

Roof rails and fixpoints

It is important to know what type of rails or fixpoints – if any – your car or van has before ordering your Thule bars, Thule roof fittings or other accessories from our website.

Roof racks have to be fitted to a vehicle using the mounting points specified. Failure to do so will compromise safety (as well as being illegal).

There are three main types of mounting and you should familiarise yourself with them before ordering a roof rack system.

Roof rails are the easiest mountings to identify as they are attached to the roof of the vehicle from front to back. They can either be raised (i.e. you can get your hand under them) or flush.

Fixpoints can be harder to find as they are often hidden beneath panels or flaps.

If there are no rails or fixpoints, you will need to either attach the roof rack to the bodywork or use a foot that is designed for vehicles with no pre-existing mounting.

What else will I need?

In some cases, you may need to purchase additional accessories for your Thule roof rack. For example, if you do not have a rear strength point on your roof, you may need a short roof adaptor to ensure the weight of your loads are distributed evenly and safely.

Some, but not all, Thule roof racks will also require a fitting kit. This will be explained in the individual product descriptions but to be on the safe side, we recommend you contact us for advice.

We can also provide a selection of beacon holders, load stops, roller systems, ladder clamps/stows and other practical accessories.

Van drivers may also need to purchase a rear door ladder to enable them to access the roof of their vehicle. North West Towbar Centre supply strong and secure ladders for various different types of van and high vehicle.

Do you only supply Thule roof bars and roof racks?

No. We also supply roof bars and systems from other leading brands including the Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack; Rhino Modular Roof Rack; Rhino Delta System and Rhino KammBar system.

How long will my Thule products take to arrive?

We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience when ordering from us. We always aim to deliver our products within five working days. We also offer free delivery for any orders of over £100.

If you need more information about our range of high quality roof bars and fixings, please call our friendly team on 0161 474 7474 or email here

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