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Q. Will I need a number plate for my trailer / cycle carrier lighting board?

A. We do make number plates while you wait. Bring your driving licence and V5 registration document with you.

Q. Does the caravan have a stabiliser, if so what type?

A. We can supply an Alko compatible towball or traditional (Scott/Bulldog type) car plate if needed.

Q. Does the towbar need to have one or two 7 pin sockets, or does it need to be fitted with the European 13 pin system?

A. This is governed by the trailer or caravan electrical system. Adaptors are available if you tow using different systems.

Q. Does the driver have a suitable licence for towing?

A. New rules apply for drivers who passed their test after 1st January 1997 For full details of whether you need to take a further test contact Towing Solutions for accurate information. (www.towing-solutions.co.uk)

Q. What is the towing limit for my car?

A. You should have two limits in your handbook, one for braked and one for unbraked trailers. Be aware some models may not be permitted to tow at all (e.g. fiesta 1.3, Toyota Aygo, Audi S4etc.). On some cars the maximum train weight has to be observed, i.e. if the car is fully laden, the maximum weight of the trailer/caravan has to be reduced.

Q. Do I need a tachograph?

A. If the gross train weight of your towing vehicle and trailer exceed 3,500 kg and is used for business purposes, then you probably do need to have a tachograph. (see www.ntta.co.uk/law/)

Q. How can I ensure my towbar is legal?

A. A number of regulations apply when using a towbar. It is your responsibility to ensure that your car and accessories are being used legally. A good source of information is the NTTA website - www.ntta.co.uk

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