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Boxer Oct 2006 Onwards L4(ELWB) H2(High Roof)

  1. £595.20

    System comprises of: BR 34 34 NW & kit IA4R Peugeot - Boxer Oct 2006 Onwards L4(ELWB) H2(High Roof).Dimensions are 4.1m x 1.8m wide. Rhino Modular Roof Racks are, as the name implies, supplied in two, three or four modular sections for easier transportation, lifting and fitting. The modular rack is fitted with a full width rear roller system to aid loading and protect the rear of the vehicle. The front of the rack has a full width aerofoil to considerably reduce wind noise and drag.   Learn More
  2. £171.00

    This Delta Bar System fits Peugeot Boxer Oct 2006 Onwards L3 & L4 (LWB & ELWB) H2(High Roof). The Delta bar range combines the benefits of an aerodynamic and a heavy duty roof bar system for the transportation of loads. Rhino Delta Bars have a curved front profile design, providing a significant reduction in wind noise and drag in comparison to square bars. Learn More
  3. £768.00

    Aluminium Roof Rack for Peugeot Boxer Oct 2006 Onwards L4(ELWB) H2(High roof). Dimensions are 4.2m x 1.8m wide.   Carefully planned and constructed, the Aluminium Rack uses highly robust aluminium materials that are lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable. It is designed to perform. The sleek and modern design combines strength, aesthetics and aerodynamics to create a rack that truly means business.       Learn More
  4. £264.00

    This KammBar System fits Peugeot Boxer Oct 2006 Onwards L3 & L4 (LWB & ELWB) H2 (High Roof). The KammBar system is lightweight but strong capable of carrying 75kg per bar. Aerodynamically shaped bars aids fuel efficiency, with pre assembled lockable legs for quick and easy fitting. Manufactured from anodised aluminium and coated with an anti-corrosive finish.   Comes supplied with two pairs of Rhino Load Stops. Roller accessory: * Use KR10 for vehicles with twin... Learn More

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