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Towbar bike rack

Are you looking for a quality cycle carrier you can fit quickly, easily and safely to your vehicle?

Whatever type of car or van you drive, Northwest Towbar Centre can kit you out with the most suitable bike carrier for your needs and taste. Having a bike carrier that feels secure, is easy to connect to your tow bar and is quick to load and unload will make a huge difference to the quality of your next bicycle holiday.

Why choose a towbar bicycle rack?

Towable cycle carriers are not the only way of transporting bicycles by road but, in our experience, they are faster and easier to fit and use than other methods. Most importantly, they are the safest option.

Whether you need to carry mountain bikes, road bikes or a combination, Northwest Towbar Centre will have a selection of towbar bike racks you can choose from - and at a sensible price.

How to source the best towbar cycle carriers

To take out the guesswork from choosing a safe, simple to fit cycle carrier for your family, we feature only the top brands on our website. These include Thule, Pendle, Witter, Maypole and MaxxRaxx - all of which are respected in the industry for the quality of their cycle carriers.

For your convenience, our online store includes several filter options, enabling you to narrow down bike racks by capacity, brand, price and even colour.

How do towbar cycle carriers work?

You can basically divide towable cycle carriers into two main types: those that you hang your bikes from (hang on bike racks) and platforms that you use to stand your bikes on (platform cycle carriers). You can source both types from our online store.

Apart from the basic type and price, there are a number of other factors you will need to consider before buying a cycle carrier but don't worry, we can advise you all the way.

For example, you will need to think about the maximum number of bikes you want to be able to transport compared to your vehicle's load capacity. The style and tow bar mounting of the cycle carrier is also important as this can affect access to the boot and compliance with the rules of the road (e.g. keeping your lights and registration plate visible). Some racks come with ingenious tilting mechanisms for improved access while others require no tools to fit to your vehicle.

Accessories for cycle carriers

The Northwest Towbar Centre also supplies a wide range of accessories for bike carriers. For example, for some bike carriers you may need a lightboard (a lighting system that connects to your towbar power socket). From ramps and wheelbags to locks and adapters, if it is related to bike carriers, we can supply it. As with our bike racks, accessories can be filtered by price.

Enjoy browsing our website and if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0161 474 7474 or sales@northwesttowbars.co.uk

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  1. £175.00

    Our description. The Thule 9502 is a very popular carrier. It is quick and easy to fit to your towbar, using the supplied spanner. The cycle wheels are secured using fabric straps and then the bikes are firmly held against the vertical support using additional straps. The 9502 does have a tilt facility, but it is quite basic. You have to slacken two locking knobs and swing the hooks to one side, then the carrier tilts. Please be aware that the angle of tilt is fairly limited and may not permit access to the interior of cars with a deep tailgate. This carrier requires more effort than any of Thule's other carriers to assemble (about 40 minutes), so... Learn More
  2. £15.00

    Secure your cycle carrier against theft with this simple to use lock. It fits over the locking screw once the bike rack has been fitted to the towball. It does not lock the bikes to the carrier! Learn More
  3. £61.94

    Out of stock

    The Thule 970 Xpress is probably the quickest and easiest towbar mounted cycle carrier on  the market. No tools are required, just place the clamping mechanism over the towball, open the arms and press down on the cross bar. It clamps on and locks into place in one quick motion! To remove from the towball press a small catch on the back of the handle and pull upwards. The carrier can be locked into place by using a small padlock (not supplied). The Thule 970 Xpress is not suitable for vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel. Vehicles with an almost vertical back door (vans and mpv's) may not have sufficient clearance for the handlebars of the first bike. This can be resolved by slackening the... Learn More
  4. £249.95

    Out of stock

    What we say - The Thule 941 has a robust steel frame and an easy to use tilt facility. The bike's wheels are secured to the carrier with fabric straps and the frames of the bikes are secured using solid arms with clamps on the end. The 921 is quickly and easily fitted to your towball using the built in locking handle which has an integral lock to secure the carrier to the car. Please note that the supporting arms are not quick release and do not include locks for the bikes.    Technical Maximum number of bikes : 2 Load capacity : 36kg (Maximum bike weight 20kg)... Learn More
  5. £20.00

    Out of stock

    If you are carrying bikes on the back of your car, you may well obscure the car's lights and number plate.  This cycle carrier lighting board can be plugged into your car's 7 pin socket. The board has space for a standard number plate and comes with 2 securing straps. Two square reflectors are fitted to comply with current lighting regulations. For this product to work, a 7pin electrical socket is required. If you have a towbar you will, no doubt, have a lighting socket. If the socket is 13 pin, you will require an adaptor to suit a 7 pin plug. If you are buying a clip on bike rack or a cycle carrier that is fitted using straps, you can easily have just the... Learn More
  6. £190.00

    Out of stock

    Wheel Support 2 Bike Ball Mount Whether you are going for a quick blast around a trail centre or setting off on an epic mountain tour you want a dependable rack that is simple to use. A Wheel Support is the ultimate rack for your needs.   The most versatile rack in the Pendle range – fits almost any vehicle... Learn More
  7. £190.00

    Wheel Support 2 Bike Ball Mount Whether you are going for a quick blast around a trail centre or setting off on an epic mountain tour you want a dependable rack that is simple to use. A Wheel Support is the ultimate rack for your needs.   The most versatile rack in the Pendle range – fits almost any... Learn More
  8. £219.00

    The NEW Pendle Tilting Wheel Support Rack is the ultimate rack, easier to fit and easier to use. It combines the popular and well regarded Wheel Support Rack with a practical tilt mechanism allowing access to the boot while the rack is loaded. This type of rack offers the best solution for Car and Bike friendly carrying whilst reaffirming the Pendle attributes of Strong, Simple and Safe. The original Pendle Wheel Support Rack design has been taken and the features that users have loved for years have been kept and added the tilting mechanism been added(along with a few other refinements),... Learn More
  9. Pendle WSTA2B (HIGH) Cycle Carrier

    Out of stock

    All the great features of the Pendle Wheel Support rack, but with raised support poles so that it clears a Caravan or Trailer drawbar. The most versatile rack in our range – fits almost any vehicle with a tow bar and almost any bike. The ultimate in car and bike friendly travel. Includes raised support poles allowing the rack to clear most Caravan and trailer drawbars. Your Handbrake or Jockey Wheel or any other fittings must not exceed more than 450mm height above the towball centre. This allows space for going up inclines and turning. Learn More
  10. Thule 925 VeloCompact  Cycle Carrier
    In Store Purchase Only
    Thule VeloCompact is the next generation of compact and lightweight bike carriers perfect for every day use (for 2 bikes). 1. Easy mounting of bikes through detachable bike arms 2. Carries bikes with large wheelbases thanks to single action extendable wheel holders 3. Easy boot access even with bikes mounted thanks to smart foot pedal tilt 4. Adjustable one hand coupling for easy mounting of carrier 5. Simple to fasten wheels thanks to long wheel straps with pump buckles Learn More

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